Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Goal

Hey there. I know no one is reading this, so I'm going to think of this as my own personal diary. On this sunny Saturday morning, I wasn't feeling my best, and yet I was feeling my best. Does that make sense? I realized that I wanted to complete a goal this year, in order to rid of this awful feeling lingering in my mind. And as I logged onto my old dell laptop, the bad feeling was replaced by excitement. Pure, total joy over something I haven't even started! Well, my goal is to write a post every day this school year. I'm in eleventh grade. But that is all I'm going to reveal. So to anyone out there, your welcome to join me throughout the worst and maybe best year of my high school lyfe. Quoted by Hunter Hayes, "There's no such thing as wild enough." OK, that was lame. Ready, set, go.

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