Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hey there. Okay, new rule. I can post more than once a day, so this second post on Sunday is justifiable. :) I was just thinking about school, which starts very soon, and started freaking out! What should i wear? Is bringing a tote bag okay? Should i be casual or dressy? AND MY HAIR! Basically, those thoughts were running through my head in a high speed fashion.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR- First Day Edition

(My personal opinion)

My tip would be DON'T TRY SO HARD! I know we all dread going back to school after a relaxing and exciting summer of long hair, tans and endless sleepovers, however, the one thing most of us are excited for is our first day look. All of us girls want to pull out the big guns: wearing everything newly purchased in one crazy outfit, straightening or curling our hair AND actually taking time to shave nicely/moisturize :) BUT,  after years of observations and collecting data, I have come to the conclusions that girls, ESPECIALLY ON THE FIRST DAY, should not try so hard. Most of us will look amazingly cute the first day and then look like a mess the rest of the week. What we should do is spread out said cuteness throughout the week, meaning wearing one new/cute item a day!

WHAT TO DO: GO CASUAL. On the first day, the main goal is to try and avoid the awkwardness of going all out when everyone else gives off the vibe that they do not care whatsoever. I suggest wearing a new top purchased over the summer, old shorts/pants, casual flip flops, natural hair but TAKE TIME ON THE MAKEUP. (if you wear it)

I know some people say, "I will do what I want. Don't tell me what to do. I don't care what others think." And that is completely fine, this is just advice I wish I had when I was a freshman ;)

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