Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School

Please excuse my previous post about school. After reading it over today, I realized that it was extremely stupid:)

TIPS(based on my own experience today)

1. HELP FRESHMEN OUT- Remember when you were a timid little freshy? Wouldn't it have been nice to have upperclassmen help them out? Well, today a freshmen said "excuse me" to me, but I heard it as a sassy, random comment. So I said "EXCUSE YOU!" But then I found out he only wanted to know where the bathroom was....

2. GET THERE EARLY- on the first day of school, the parking lot will be packed because people want to get there earlier than normal. I am the worst parker in the history of parking and even though I arrived 30 min in advance, there were barely any spots. After finding one, parking, then reparking three times, I could finally go to class. :(

3. PARTICIPATE- on the first day you want to give off a good impression to your teachers. because they can hold grudges. sorry for the poor grammar.

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