Sunday, August 25, 2013

Driving Anxiety

Hey there. It's day two and maybe one person out there is reading this. Well, frankly I don't know how anyone could even find this blog, but let's keep our fingers crossed. I don't know if what I'm about to share applies to anyone else, but when I think of driving, the immediate feeling is anxiety. Back in June, I somehow managed to get my license. This calls for a celebration right? Freedom! Learning to drive, at least for me, has not been a pleasurable experience. When I had my permit, I did NOT want to drive. The knowledge that I had complete control of this huge, scary vehicle was terrifying! I thought that I would lose control of the car and hurt someone or hurt myself! My parents had to pry me out of the house in order to practice driving. I thought that I would never feel comfortable driving a car. Until today..


1. Learn the rules of the road. (This may seem like a given tip, however, refreshing on all of the rules when driving is super helpful. When you get your license and can drive alone, go back over those rules because chances are you haven't read them since cramming for your permit test that morning.)

2. Practice when you have your permit. (This is something that I did not do enough. When you have your permit, immediately begin driving everywhere and anywhere you can with your parent. This way when you get your license you will be totally comfortable and confident driving alone.)

3. You control the car, the car does NOT control you. (This is one of the most important tips. Who starts the car? Turns it? Stops it? YOU! You have total control and once you recognize this, you will feel relaxed and confident.)

I finally feel myself progressing and for the first time I have hope that I will become completely comfortable driving a car in the near future. BYE BYE ANXIETY!

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