Sunday, July 26, 2015

Social Media Challenge

Hey there. Today I wanted to make a quick post about social media. Now, as a mid-90's baby, my childhood did not consist of social media. Yes, let's be cliche about it. I played outside. Made forts in my living room, built tree houses with my friends and used my imagination.  I don't want to focus on this today. Today I want to focus on using social media today. As a person who has experienced life with and without social media, a blessing that many kids do not have today, social media is a very complicated topic in my mind.

Today, it seems like our whole lives are consumed by it. 

It's like a daily routine. Wake up. Check Facebook. Get updated on Twitter. Scroll through Instagram. Repeat. 

My challenge to you: try to not use any social media for twenty four hours. To some, this may seem easy. To others, it may be extremely difficult. Right after I post this, I will also try this challenge and after the twenty four hours, I'll post my findings here. :)

And it

That's all, for now. 


  1. Sometimes I wish social media didn't exist because it's taking over everyone's life you know? I might try this challenge tomorrow! Maybe I'll get some stuff done, because social media is my #1 procrastination tool :b

    1. I agree! And awesome I hope it works out for you :) check back for an update post on the challenge tomorrow!

  2. I absolutely need this! I tried this challenge on the weekend and lasted about three hours, but I'm determined to try again because I feel like Instagram and Facebook are ruining my life, and simply not knowing unless in person is something I need to learn to do. I'll be doing this challenge with you x

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I have tried this so many times and it hasn't worked out so it really motivated me to want to beat the challenge haha! thanks for the comment :)