Sunday, July 19, 2015

How To: Escaping Reality

Hey there! It's a Sunday night as I write this post. I was laying on my bed, excited for a night of "Orange is the New Black," Youtube surfing and maybe even some reality t.v. All of a sudden, I felt really guilty for wanting to spend so much time on things that many people say are a waste of time, unproductive and possibly anti-social. However, after spending some time thinking about the idea, my guilt slowly went away.

A man once said...

"The story of escape." This phrase played over and over again in my head until my thoughts changed. Escaping. This is something we all need. Now, I do not mean escaping as in running away from problems. I mean a sort of break from reality. A vacation from our everyday lives where we travel into other worlds, other minds, other lives and most importantly, other stories. How can we ever learn or grow if we only focus on our own selves and situations? How can we ever cleanse our minds if we are always living in our own heads?

So, to everyone out there who calls things like Netflix, television shows, etc. a "waste of time," all I have to say to you is: you're wrong. These things have value. Of course, we cannot spend our entire lives binge watching "Gossip Girl." However, those moments where we sink into other realities, those times when we completely relate to another character or forget about the world around us, are vital.  As silly as it sounds, it can help us learn, grow, laugh and escape.

I believe escaping makes us happier and better people.

That's all, for now.


  1. Oh trust me, I don't think anybody thinks Netflix is a waste of time, because who doesn't love binge watching their favourite TV show? But I reckon escaping your own reality and imagining someone else's is definitely important, because how frustrating would it be living your own forever. I sometimes hate the little bubble of experiences I am perpetually dwelling in and that's when escape is necessary.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Haha I definitely love binge watching on Netflix. I agree that I definitely can feel trapped in my own "bubble" sometimes! Thanks for the comment. :)

  2. Yes, you're right! Sometimes my life is too much, sometimes too little, so I really do need those few (or maybe not few...) episodes of "Friends", "Gossip Girl" or "Prison Break". Thanks for this amazing post!

    1. i love what you said about life being sometimes too much or too little. thanks for the comment. :)