Thursday, January 22, 2015


Hit play, then read.

Hey there. I don't know if anyone will ever even read this, but if you happen to have come across this post today, here's a little inspiration.

LIFE has no limits. Sure, maybe we can't fly like birds. But we've come pretty close. Imagine how the Wright Brothers felt as they soared through the air on the first successful airplane created on Earth. 

They were the first people to fly, almost like birds. If humans did that, imagine what else we can do. 

YOU have unlimited potential. You can make your life whatever you want it to be. Maybe it doesn't seem like we have this power, but we do.

 You can travel the world.

 Make friends with people you would never expect to be friends with.

 Learn something new every day. 

Listen to your favorite song 30 times on repeat, get sick of it and find a new one. 

Explore nature and hug some trees. 

Go on rain walks, jump in puddles, throw your head back and stick out your tongue to catch raindrops.

Get sick...then cuddle up in some blankets and watch your favorite movie.

 You can move to a big city.

Or go to the countryside.

 You can write a novel.

Or poetry.

You can go to the beach and take in the warm sun.

 Or go to the mountains and throw snowballs at your best friend. 

You can do anything you want and be anyone you want to be.

YOU are smart, even if you may not think you are.

YOU are beautiful, even if no one has ever told you that before.

YOU are talented, in your own special way.

YOU are limitless. 

That's all for now.

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