Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to be a better YOU

Here are some simple, easy ways to be a better you. :)

  1. Educate yourself on current events. Read the newspaper, look at the Yahoo.com, watch the news on TV! Become knowledgable on what is happening in the world! 
  2. Try to not complain for a day, a week, a few weeks and see what happens. 
  3. Go technology free! I know this one is difficult, considering life seems to revolve around technology today. However, going cell phone or social media free for a few days and you will be surprised by the results!
  4. Give your skin a break! (mainly for the ladies) Try to have a few days of the week where you don't put on any makeup (if you wear any to begin with). This will allow your skin to breathe and remind yourself of the real you!
  5. Find something you love and do it! Read, go on a bike ride, watch movies, write stories, paint, play a sport, explore nature. Whatever it is you love to do, make time to do it! And if you're not really sure, try everything!
  6. Ask someone how they are doing and mean it. This simple act could mean the world to another person.
  7. Do a "good deed" and expect nothing in return. The reward is the positivity you have spread and the satisfaction in yourself for making a difference.
  8. Share your opinions. If you have something to say, SAY IT! 
  9. Write and send someone a letter. PS. Real written words are so much more powerful than a text, email or even a call. 
  10. Take care of yourself. Exercise and eat healthy foods, not for your exterior, but for your interior. Do it to feel good. To feel energetic and proud. :)
That's all for now.

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