Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Tonight I realized that I'm a big sister. Well I've been one for like 9 years and it just hit me. Sure my little sister annoys me sometimes. But I mean she REALLY annoys me and I wish my parents would have gotten a puppy instead of having another kid. :) anyways, tonight before
my sister went to bed my mom told
me that she wanted to see me. So I went to my sisters room and it turns out she wanted me to tell her the story about the first time she came home after being born. (This is a story I used to tell her a LONG time ago) I was shocked that she remembered and I realized that she probably looks up to me. I'm a role model for her and this has never occurred to me. So to everyone out there who has a younger sister, tell them you love them every day no matter how annoying there are. :)

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