Thursday, September 5, 2013


When you look in the mirror, you should feel proud. That's what I learned today.
High school is a time when we all "find ourselves." Some of us have a new boyfriend each semester, some of us get our noses pierced, some of us dye our hair pink and some of us stay the same. That's me. My goal was to step outside of my comfort zone. To open up to people and just be me. Until today, I thought I hadn't made any progress. But a few minutes ago, my eyes cast across a mirror and something caught my eye. It was just me staring back through the glass. But this time, I felt different. The person in the mirror had gone through a tough time finding herself. But she was trying. And when I looked into the mirror, I was happy. This new found feeling should be experienced by every single person on this planet. We need to accept ourselves. Not be so hard on ourselves. We need to love ourselves. Because we are all worth something no matter what others say. How can we be truly happy if we aren't happy just to be alive in our own bodies. There is no one else like you out there so the next time you find yourself by a mirror, take a look and smile. ;)

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