Monday, September 2, 2013

World War 3

Hey there. So my friend was out of state today sending her sister off to college. She sent me pictures of her dorm and the campus and raved about wanting to go to college right now. This led me to spend the majority of my day on google, searching different colleges and how I could get into them. I looked at video tours, pictures, freshman profiles...everything related to college I googled. I was filled with this longing for freedom and to go explore the world in hopes of finding a new and exciting life. Then something happened. My brother and I found our old nerf gun. We loaded it up and quickly planned an attack on my mom who was working in the kitchen. While he casually sauntered in, beginning a conversation, I titled the kid friendly weapon around the corner and shot. Well, she was furious. But then my sister came home with my dad and let's just say it was WORLD WAR 3! By the end of the battle, I remembered how much fun and chaotic it could be at my home. I couldn't believe just an hour earlier I had wanted to leave so urgently! I realize now that I shouldn't take my family for granted. So lesson of the day, don't rush to grow up. Enjoy living at home, as weird as that may sound!

Thanks for listening.

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