Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Late night thoughts

Hey there. Tonight I just wanted to get a few thoughts out of my head. The topic: moms. The concept of being a mom is so amazing, scary, wonderful, confusing, and so much more. Imagine how beautiful the relationship between a mother and her daughter could be, or really any parent to their child. It does not even have to be a parent, but anyone who cares for a child, raises them, guides them and helps them. It was a strange day when I realized that my mom was a person, not just my mom. She had an entire life before me. She once was a young innocent kid. At one point a lost, confused teen. Maybe then even a more lost young adult trying to pave her life. She is a person. She is far from just being a mom. However, that is all I know her to be. She has emotions, pain, funny quirks, likes and dislikes, dreams, and many things that scare her. My mom is so smart. I didn't realize this until lately. If she puts her mind to something, she can do almost anything. However, almost is the key word here. It was a strange day when I found out that my mom cannot do everything. She messes up sometimes. Makes mistakes. She is a person just like me. It was a strange day when I realized that my mom was also like a friend to me. I remember leaving for college and she asked sadly what she was going to do without her best friend. That opened my eyes a lot. My mom is my mom. But, she is also like my best friend. I can talk to her about anything. I can hang out with her and have actual fun. We laugh at the same things. We think a lot of the same things. It's overwhelming when I think about how much I actually appreciate her. She's a great mom. She's not perfect, but hey, I'm nowhere near a perfect daughter. She's as close to perfect as a mom can get. So, if you have someone, a mom, dad, grandparent, teacher, or anyone out there who cares about you, helps you, guides you, and looks out for you, recognize the beauty in this and tell them how much it means to you.

That's all for now.


  1. My Mom is like my best friend too. I tend to take her for granted I shouldn't.