Friday, July 8, 2016

Late Night Thoughts (Part 2)

There are stories all around us. As I drive in the car and glance into the window of the car beside me, I see a family. A mom, dad, and two kids in the back seat. That family has a story. The parents have a story. I wonder, how did they meet? Where did they grow up? What have they been through? Within that one car is an endless amount of stories waiting to be shared. This has been something I have always been curious about. I have found wonder in the stories of others for as long as I can remember. Since I was young, I would imagine what the lives of perfect strangers were like. Walking through the park with my parents, I would create these stories for whoever I happened to see. This has always amazed me. It is crazy to think about really. A lot of the time, people do not see value in their own personal experiences, lives and journeys. They don't think that their stories are worth being told or listened to. I've sometimes felt this way about myself. Sometimes, I spend so much time comparing myself and my own life to others. I devalue my own experiences. I take away from what I have gone through. I've believed that my life isn't worth sharing with someone else. How could it be? It's just me, right? Wrong. Every story is worth being told. Every person's life is worth being listened to. We can learn from every person's journey. They are all different. All unique and all impact the world, in some way or another. Take a minute and think about this. Think about how, as you walk down the street, go to a concert packed with thousands of people, fly on a plane or go to work, every single person has a story. We have all been through hard times. We have all gone through the best times. We have all done something we regret and we all have done something we are proud of. This is important. So, open your eyes. See how many stories there are out there. And, open your ears. Listen. Listen to these stories. Maybe someone will then listen to yours.

That's all for now.