Thursday, June 30, 2016


Hey there! Today I am writing to you guys from my couch, surrounded by my two rambunctious dogs and half-watching Chopped on Food Network. Lately, I've been feeling like I've lost my "mojo." What I mean is that I haven't been feeling that certain spark or joy. I don't mean to make it sound too dramatic, but I've been just hiding out in my house for the past week, watching too much television and invested in my phone way too much. This has made me feel a little blue and made me have a lack of passion for doing things during the day. However, today I feel like I'm gaining my mojo back. I realized this as I started singing to myself and becoming more light-hearted and silly. After analyzing what I've done differently today, I've come up with a short list for how to gain your mojo back.

1. Get off of your phone. Stay away from social media. Lock it up and look up for once. Pay attention to your own live and the moment you are in!

2. Go outside!! Get some fresh air and don't hide out in your house.

3. Interact with others who make you feel happy and positive.

4. Change your routine. Be spontaneous.

5. Don't feel sorry for yourself.

6. Do something productive. Get something done. Anything!

7. Get ready for the day, put on a cute outfit and feel good about yourself.

8. Exercise!

9. Laugh!!!

10. Spend time with your family! Quality time! 

That's all for now.