Friday, June 24, 2016

Little Moments

When I reflect on my past, I see glimpses of memories. They appear in my mind, sometimes in slow sequences and other times flashing by in an instant. These memories are always moments. Little moments. I see my friends and I in line at a drive-through at midnight listening to our favorite song on the radio. I watch myself laying on the couch with my dog, wondering if she has thoughts just like me. I remember driving my sister to school, asking about her classes and teachers and friends. I can picture my family sitting in the kitchen, mom at the table reading the newspaper and dad making breakfast by the stove. These are the little moments. When they happen, you don't think much of them. They are insignificant. Just small parts of your day. Nothing big or special. Unplanned and unnoticed. But, I have found that it is the little moments that make up our life. They may be small, but they are perfect. And, when I look back on my life, those are what I remember. So, find happiness in the little moments.

That's all for now.