Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Hi to anyone who may be reading this! If someone out there actually does read my posts, I am sorry for not posting recently. Truthfully, I am a bit disappointed in myself because when I started this blog, I was so inspired and motivated to write and post. Lately, along with being busy with other things, I haven't been feeling very inspired and frankly did not know what to write about. However, today I remembered that I made this blog because I like to write, even if it is just for myself to read. So, today's post doesn't necessarily have a topic. It's just me letting out my need to write. So here is a little update on my life, if anyone cares to know. :)

1. I have been unable to watch "One Tree Hill" because I have been busy and unable to cope with the major plot change from season 4 to season 5. How can television shows, which are NOT real, affect people so deeply!? I feel pathetic for being so invested in the show, but I can't help it at the same time! Any advice?

2. It started hailing a few minutes ago and I loved it. There's something about "gloomy" weather that makes me feel at peace, happy and safe. Is that weird?

3. I know I should clean my room, but I can't. Maybe I'm lazy or maybe I really am too busy. Having a clean room makes me feel so much more organized mentally.

4. I have been loving the acoustic guitar station on Pandora. Anyone else?

5. I have to choose what college I want to go to and I am SO confused, worried, excited, anxious and terrified! HELP!

That's all for now. 


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